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Sydney Kids Party Entertainment

At Superstar Parties we make dreams come true!

Superstar Parties provides the highest quality of children’s entertainment for Kids Birthday Parties and Events in Sydney. We provide entertainment for all ages from tots to teens. We work with both private and corporate clients and provide tailored events to suit you.


Superstar Parties is  home to a huge range of characters including singing princessesfairies, pirates, superheroes, cowboys,  and all of your favourite TV and movie characters. We also provide talented celebrity impersonators to sing the songs of your favourite Superstar Celebrities. Give the gift of a lifetime and bring your child face to face with their idol. 


All of our parties and events feature professional performers whom engage the kids with amazing performances, live singing, interactive storytelling shows, themed activities, party games, quality prizes and our popular Superstar Dancing Competition. Our Superstars get all of the kids moving and singing along and with the kids having so much fun, you will be able to sit back and relax!


Why Choose a Superstar?

Here’s ten reasons why you need a Superstar for your next kids birthday party or event.


1)    We make dreams come true


Any Superstar Parties event will be an unforgettable experience for all of the children and adults who attend. Just take a look at our many glowing reviews and you will see the positive impact that we have had on the lives of many Sydney kids and families.


At Superstar Parties we believe in making dreams come true for all children. Each year we donate our services to many charities and fundraisers to help improve the lives of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in Australia. We are proud supporters of The Starlight Children’s Foundation and provide entertainment for The Westmead Children’s Hospital and Randwick Children’s Hospital.We have also donated our services to the Bear Cottage children’s hospice which is another charity that we hold dear to our hearts.


We believe in the power of the community and our involvement in private fundraisers has helped to provide much needed medical attention and equipment for children and families in Sydney. We have also provided entertainment for children in foster care through Barnardos Australia and for disadvantaged children living in struggling communities.


2)    We only hire professional qualified performers


Our performers will keep all of the children entertained so you don’t have to! With only the best performers you get an amazing performance and incredible live singing. All of our performers have completed tertiary training in musical theatre or the performing arts and have an extensive background in singing, dance and acting. They are also individually trained by Danielle and participate in ongoing training sessions and workshops to ensure that they are consistently delivering the highest standard of children’s entertainment.


Many of our competitors try to cut the cost of their staff wages by hiring inexperienced students, baby sitters and teachers but for us that simply isn’t good enough! At Superstar Parties we believe that only a trained actor should be given the responsibility of bringing a child’s favourite character to life. Kids are more discerning than you might think and they will see straight through an inexperienced performer. Leave it to the professionals and you and your children won’t be disappointed. 


3)    We’re experienced professionals providing the highest quality of entertainment for a fair price

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of entertainment for a fair price. We don’t cut costs by sacrificing quality. We give you professional performers who are paid a fair wage. We provide portable PA speakers and microphones so that our performers can be heard clearly at all of our kids parties and Singing Telegrams. This is something that puts us a step above our competitors as most do not provide speakers and microphones. Our PA speakers also run off battery power so we can party in any location including parks or places without power access.
Each year we perform to thousands of children at events across Sydney. We’re loved by celebrities, well known brands, Shopping Centres and charities including The Starlight Children’s Foundation, Bear Cottage, Barnardos Australia and Catholic Care. Of course parents love us to! Many of our customers rebook and recommend us to all of their friends and we have been nominated for the Best Party Entertainment in Australia award in the 2016 Bio Island What’s On for Junior Awards. Our professionalism shines through in everything we do from the booking process, to the event preparation and our performance on the day. Rest assured when you book with us you can depend on our Superstars to deliver.
4)    We know kids
The team at Superstar Parties have been entertaining kids for over twelve years. We have years of experience in children’s television, theatre, and music and know what works for different age groups. We are one of the only companies in Australia that provides entertainment for children of all ages from 0-18. We adapt to the age of our audience and our party programs are all meticulously planned and have been refined and perfected over the years. Each party program is uniquely tailored to suit the theme, character, the birthday child and the age of the children attending. We include music that your child loves and the character can even sing a personal song request!
5)    We can put on a show and “they can really sing!”
They don’t just sing, they can really sing! If you’d like to check out our performances, have a look at some of the videos we have posted on our Facebook page here.
Superstar Parties is known for our rage of Stage Shows and Concerts. We provide shows, concerts and entertainment for Shopping Centres, RSL Clubs, Sporting Clubs, Schools, Day Care Centres , Venues and for Corporate Events. When our performers aren’t working for us you will find them gracing the stage and screen across Australia. They are all actively involved in the performing industry and juggle musical theatre productions, singing engagements and other gigs with our parties, shows and events. 
Our theatrical background comes through in our fabulous party programs. Our party performances are amazing and the kids will be thoroughly entertained with games and stories, live singing and lots of dancing!
6)    We love fun but we also value safety
We know how to have an awesome time but we also take precautions to make sure the kids party safe. We are fully insured with public liability cover and all of our performers are screened by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian and have a valid Working With Children’s Check. We’re a Child Safe Organisation and we have Child Safe Policies, Codes of Conduct, Training and Recruitment practices in place to maintain a safe party environment for your children.
7)    We get everyone involved
Boys and girls, brothers and sisters, mums and dads. Everyone. Watch out Grandma!
All of our parties include lots of gender neutral activities so all of the boys and girls can get involved and have lots of fun. Our Singing Princess Parties are loved by girls but they are also lots of fun for boys. Boys love our games, dancing, prizes and interactive shows. Likewise our Superhero and Pirate parties are a big hits with all of the girls.
Don’t worry if you’re planning an event or party for children of mixed ages. Just give us a call and we can have a chat about entertainment options and activates that will appeal to all of the kids.
8)    You can relax!
With the kids having so much fun you’ll have nothing to do but sit back and relax!
We focus on interactive entertainment that gets all of the kids involved, this keeps them occupied and out of your hands! Many of our customers have commented on  how much easier the party experience has been for them when they have booked a Superstar Parties performer to keep all of the kids entertained. Not only will you enjoy the experience but your other adult guests will also be free to relax. The parents can have a cuppa and enjoy catching up while the kids enjoy the entertainment. With the kids out of the way it’s not uncommon for the dads to retreat inside and watch the footy!
We know that planning a party can be stressful so we aim to make things easier in the lead up to your event. All of the inclusions for your party our outlined in your Booking Confirmation so you know what you’re getting on the day. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions in the lead to the event and you can always contact us if you’re stuck with ideas for decorations or food etc. We send your invoice a few days ahead of the due date to remind you to make your final payment and Danielle will personally call you in the week leading up to your party to go over the final details and to talk through the entertainment program. You will also have the opportunity to speak directly to your party host who will give you a courtesy call on the day before your event.
We might be in the business of parties but it’s still a business that we take seriously!


9)    Our costumes are amazing

Our costumes are meticulously designed and many of them are custom made by hand. Our princess dresses feature beautiful fabrics and lush petticoats and our fairy costumes sparkle and shine and feature lots of delicate details.  Our superheroes look like they have stepped off the pages of a comic book and our pirates and cowboys feature lots of authentic details. Some of the costumes are specially designed by Danielle who draws them up and oversees the creation with our team of costume makers.
We can’t resist a “costume challenge” and love creating costumes inspired by popular TV and movie characters. If you’ve got something special in mind just ask and chances are we can make it happen!
We strive to provide consistency in our characters so the costume you see on our website will be what you get on the day (unless the character is already booked in which case we may have an alternate costume available). To maintain consistency we use theatrical quality wigs for many of our characters. We believe that consistency of the characters is an integral part of keeping the magic alive for children. For example, if your daughter meets our Snow White at a friends party, and then wants Snow White  to come to her birthday we will strive to book the same performer and she will be wearing the same wig and costume. It’s the small details that make a big difference when you’re working with kids!
10) We’re home to the original Superstar Celebrity Party
Superstar Parties is the first company in Australia to feature singing celebrity impersonators for children’s birthday parties. We were also the first company in Australia to offer the characters of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor, Justin Bieber, Redfoo, Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande for children’s events and parties.  We’re the originals and we do it best!

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